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Tori Spelling Claims Son Was "Stabbed" By Exposed Nails At A Popular Hotel

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Tori Spelling Claims Son Was "Stabbed" By Exposed Nails At A Popular Hotel


Tori Spelling has had a tough few months.

In March, police were called to check in on the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress after suffering from a reported "nervous breakdown."

The caller who dialed 911 told the dispatcher that Spelling had been behaving aggressively, which was later believed to be triggered from stress.


"The last year has been really tough on Tori. She has a ton of pressure and stress, with the kids, work and her marriage," a source said.

"[She] internalizes a lot of her anxiety and she knows it's not healthy for her. Of course, she's going to get to a breaking point eventually," the insider added. "Tori and Dean have their ups and downs but they love each other and family is most important to both of them."

It was only a week later when Spelling made headlines yet again for walking out with one of her kids.


Her husband, Dean McDermott, asked the police to perform a welfare check on Spelling and Beau after she left their house.

Authorities eventually found the True Tori star at the doctor's office and assessed the situation before confirming no wrong-doing had taken place and Spelling was free to go. McDermott was also seen at the medical center holding their youngest son.

Now the mother of five is alleging Beau was "stabbed" by four exposed nails at the Four Seasons Hotel, and even took to Instagram to voice her fury.


"We are a @fourseasons family like even before my 1st was born (who’s 11) and bc of a house situation we are of course staying with them," Spelling wrote in her post. "But in the kids arcade room my 15 month old got stabbed by 4 exposed nails that shouldn’t have been there and all that was done was 'Is he ok?'"

"An obligatory check in and not till they realized who’s [sic] child it happened too. So wrong on many levels. And I never call anything out! Not my style. But, not cool @fourseasons! Does he need a tetanus shot?" she added.

According to Spelling's rep, while Beau is "doing ok," the incident "was very scary."

When Four Seasons caught wind of the incident, they release a statement, but were vague on the details.

A spokeswoman for the luxury hotel told PEOPLE, “At Four Seasons the well-being of our guests is our top priority. The team was in touch with Ms. Spelling throughout her stay. Out of respect for the privacy of our guests we do not share information about our guests or their time with us."

On Mother's Day, Spelling dedicated individual posts to her kids, aged 15 months to 11 years, on Instagram, and highlighted what made child special.

In her picture dedicated to Beau, Spelling said his birth gave her family "hope," hinting at the rough patch Spelling and McDermott had prior to his birth.

"To my 3rd boy on Mother’s Day... Beau, we thought we were done. That our family was complete. But, you surprised us all and came at a time when we all needed a little hope. You were that hope," Spelling wrote.

"That sunshine of life that came into our family in a very big and meaningful way. You might be the 5th born to me and Dad but it’s as if you are everyone’s baby. The moment you were born you became the light in not just our lives but the lives of your two brothers and two sisters. The adoration everyone feels for you is amazing."

"And, you know it. You are the youngest but in some ways seem the oldest. You are an observer of life. A wise little old soul. You love to make others laugh. You are such a sweet little man and I can’t wait to see you grow and become the creative little soul you are meant to be."

"Strong willed and so lovable. Sometimes the things in life that surprise us the most are exactly what we all need. You warm all of our hearts and we can’t picture life without you Beau Beau mommy loves her little squishy. Love you papa... Mama xoxo," she concluded.  

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